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Indulged in the first rpg maker horror game that i made called the wine man

A 19 year old teen decided to live in the city with his uncle Desperate to see his father

but little did he know that the city hold something deep 

the wine man is a free rpg maker horror game currently on demo


arrow keys to move

Alt+enter to enter full screen

Enter to interact



Cover art-Zylie social media account https://www.facebook.com/les.lie.7509836

Music:ourmusicbox-nowhere to run POL:Dancing in the shadows

this game was made by 1 guy only and its currently still Work in progress

Are you a youtuber to?

Write a comment on my youtube channel so i can Put you in the beta testers

the player must interact with objects and decorations in the game  in order to find the items that you are looking for

some tilesets i use are from https://kauzz.net/free-tiles/

Thank you very much for playing my game

My youtube channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTnXgTBxvAs_JD0-d-a9RXg?view_as=subscriber

Hello currently im a new developer and now making freeware horror games if u like to support me u can donate by giving atleast a dollar when downloading my game but its all free and its up  to you hope you enjoy my games

more projects coming soon


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the wine.exe 260 MB

Development log


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Damn. nice work glad you finished the game. I loved the story and those scares. Also the way the good ending depended on the first parts of the game.

That was hella fun, man. Good story too. That bad ending was pretty funny. And so was that lever room haha


Thanks for playing again masterkeef Will do another project a few weeks from now and add you as a character

Hell yeah, dude! That's gonna be awesome! Can't wait

interesting game you have here dev. I would really love to play the full game when it is finished.

thanks for the vid man will add u in the end credits

I have to say great game, though has its problems here and there but overall really nice. You got some talent there. Keep it up and I would LOVE to see more of what you have in store. 

Thank you for playing mannn and thanks for the vid will add you in the end credits after the game has been finished

aw Thanks friend. I am happy you liked the video, still working on a new intro for it that hopefully people will love. Keep up the hard work and let me know what the full game is out would love to play it. 

I finally got my video up. The game's looking pretty good so far, man. I kinda suck at RPGs but I enjoyed it. Can't wait to see more! Thanks for the shoutout in the credits, my man! That's hella cool of you!

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THANK you for playing the demo il make sure to add a secret room for you when the game is complete  and i glad you enjoyed it